Gary R. Collins is a licensed psychologist with a PhD in clinical psychology from Purdue University. A native of Canada (Hamilton, Ontario) and currently a resident of a Chicago suburb (Arlington Heights, Illinois) he has written more than fifty books, spoken at seminars in about fifty countries, and been a professor of psychology and counseling for most of his professional career. Currently he is a writer, speaker, “distinguished professor” at Richmont Graduate University and Regent University, coach, husband, father, grandfather, mentor, and follower of Jesus. For a more formal and detailed description please click here.

That is the formal summary. Now I, Gary, can tell you a little about myself. I am past retirement age but have no interest in retirement. By the grace of God I have good health and lots of energy so I continue to write, teach, speak at conferences, travel, and spend time with younger, emerging leaders who keep me sharp and up to date. I am an avid reader of books and magazines, many of which are about leadership, future trends, the changing church, spiritual growth, contemporary issues, counseling and coaching. My wife and I like classical music, even though we don’t play any instruments. We both have international hearts, connect well and often with people from other parts of the world, and are grateful for speaking invitations that enable us to visit other countries and interact with people around the globe, including many friends. I work out at a local gym on a consistent basis (guided by a fitness trainer) and we are members of a local church.

Thanks for reading my blog/newsletter. And please remember to keep growing and keep learning. God bless you.

  1. Thank you Gary for your commitment to Jesus Christ. I too am past retirement age with no intentions to “retire.” You are an encouragement to me now as you were when I first met you at a AACC conference in the mid 90’s after i left the corporate world to become a marriage and family therapist. i am continuing to study God’s Word as well as other authors so as to help understand humans, but most of all to understand who God is so that I can grow in that direction. Your writings have helped me do just that. Thanks and God Bless! Dan

    • Keep moving forward Dan. Why quit if the Lord gives us the health, people around us and motivation to keep learning and growing? I have no plans to retire either.

  2. HI Gary,

    I retired from the mission, but would like to continue to receive you blog. I’ve tried making changes through the online method, but it does not appear to have worked. My new email address is loren@engagedcoaching.net. Would you be so kind as to change my address in your records. Sorry to ask you to do this, but several tries just didn’t seem to get the job done.

    Loren Pine

    • Loren, I know how old you are – just about exactly ten years younger than me.

      How can a young guy like you even be thinking about retirement?

  3. Hello Gary

    I would like to thank God for answering me through you. After years of unsuccessfully searching for a proper Christian-based coaching guide, I finally managed to find it last Sunday (15/07/2012) in your amazing book- Christian Coaching-2nd Edition. I immediately ordered and received a copy of your wonderful book on Friday 20/07/2012 (from Amazon.co.uk) and am really enjoying it. I am currently trying to transition into outright ministry, [including transforming my current financial consulting work into a Christian-based coaching business], making your book really handy. I just don’t know how I missed such a wonderful book all these years, buying secular coaching books which became irrelevant since 2003 when found Lord Jesus. Thank you very much for your brilliant book, may God continue to bless you.

    • Thanks Matt. This affirmation was not what I expected in response to my blog. I don’t want to sound likr a self-promoter but have you seen my book Christian Coaching? Ir might be of interest in light of your interest in coaching.

  4. Hi Gary,

    I always look forward to your weekly blogs. I find them both inspirational and challenging. You have inspired me to set up a blog featuring poems I have written as far back as 1989 (when blogs were not around). I hope you enjoy reading my poems and welcome any feedback you have with regards to their themes and content.


    Best wishes,


  5. Everyone loves it when individuals come together and share thoughts.
    Grea blog, keep it up!

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