Newsletter #547 – Keeping Up

Is this a struggle for you like it is for me: finding ways to Approaching the Futurekeep up to date and be informed enough to plan realistically for the future? Probably you will remember the term “Renaissance man.” This refers to a person (male or female) with a wide range of interests, knowledge in many fields and often a multitude of accomplishments. In our era of ever increasing information overload, few of these people exist. Most of us struggle to keep up with our own specialties or fields of interest and expertise. For each of us there are fields where we feel woefully ill informed and way out of date. For me this includes my understanding of popular culture and emerging technology.

I find it helpful to connect with people who have interests and experiences that differ from mine. I also read broadly, including the books and articles that form the basis of this blog every week. Most recently I read a book by journalist Ben Hammersley, a “British writer and technologist, specializing in the effects of the Internet and the digital network on the world’s political, cultural and social spheres.” Editor-at-Large of Wired Magazine, he also advises British Prime Minister David Cameron about digital and technological trends that have relevance to political decisions about the future. His new book, Approaching the Future: 64 Things You Need to Know Now About Then, is understandable as he explains complex technological and sociological topics to lay audiences. At the same time, the book is overwhelming in it’s diversity and descriptions of what’s here and what’s coming.

There is value in being as informed and updated as possible, but God alone is omniscient. He never expects his creatures or even huge data banks to know everything. Our challenge is to keep as updated as we can and to use what we do know to serve Christ and impact the world from where we are. How do you keep up to date, especially in areas where you lack expertise? Please comment.


    1. You are a gem, Ken. Thanks
      Problem with your post is that this means I am expected to keep up.
      Probably you know this but writing this blog is one of the things that keeps me up to date. Newsletter 1 went out June 27, 2002. Ever since I have been trying to come up every week with something fresh. That is almost 50 blogs every year for three months more than eleven years. You know that I write the blog primarily for me because it pushes me to keep learning and to come up with something relatively new each time that can me of practical relevance to others. Do you think I can make it to 1,000 posts? That means going strong until about early 2022. I should be about 88 then. Do you think I can get there and keep sharp until I get the job done?


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