Newsletter #497 – What Are We Chosen to Do?

Each of these weekly postings usually builds on a recent book or article that I have been reading. As a change of pace, this week’s reflections come from a biblical book, probably written about 60 AD by Paul the apostle. Please don’t let that turn you away. The message has practical relevance for each of us and for the people we lead or coach.

Consistent with others of his letters, Paul begins the book of Ephesians describing himself as “Paul, chosen by God to be an apostle of Jesus Christ.” Here is a thought-stimulating fill-in-the-blanks idea. Start with your name followed by “chosen by God to ________.” Keep it to one sentence. Here is an example: Gary, chosen by God to encourage and equip emerging leaders to reach their potential. A statement like this does not cover everything we do. We are all called to personal growth, character development and commitments to family. But the fill-in-the-blank gives a mission statement guideline that lets us focus on what appears to be our unique calling, so far as we can tell.

How do we determine what to put in the blank space? Consider this:

  • What are your ongoing passions, interests, abilities and values?
  • Looking back, where have you been successful and what seems to have been blessed in your life?
  • What experiences, training and areas of expertise have equipped you for what you do or want to do now?
  • Where do you seem to fit best? With what kinds of people are you most comfortable?
  • Ask several people who know you well what they think you are uniquely called or chosen to do.

It will depend on your theology but would you agree that God puts each of us here for a purpose and that we are kept here as long as that purpose remains? Please leave a comment, including what you would add to the above list.


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