Newsletter #438 – Building Your Platform

I first met Michael Hyatt when he worked for a publisher that produced some of my books. Over the years I’ve followed his career and have joined the army of people who read his highly acclaimed blog on leadership, publishing, productivity and social media ( Blog readers have watched Hyatt  build a huge following and growing prominence as a speaker and best-selling author. Platform, his newly released book is a “step-by-step guide for anyone with something to say or sell.” The book’s subtitle describes its purpose of helping people “Get Noticed in a Noisy World.”

Only a few years ago the publishing world was controlled by newspaper or magazine editors and by book publishers. Unless one was well known it was difficult to get published or offered good speaking engagements, But not today, says the cover copy of Hyatt’s book. “Social media technologies have changed everything. Now for the first-time in history, non-celebrities…can get noticed and win big in an increasingly noisy world.” We can publish our own books, build our own band of followers, and get our messages or our products noticed. The book’s dedication is revealing: “to all authors, artists, and creatives…who have been turned away because they didn’t have a platform” and who haven’t known how to build one. Until now.

This is a book of how-to-do-it lists that are easy to understand and not hard to apply, especially by anyone with a passion for making their creations or products known. Well written, filled with captivating anecdotes, and illustrated with success stories from Michael Hyatt’s platform building career, the book is useful and up-to-date guide.

The platform building process has five stages:

  1. Create a top-quality “wow” product
  2. Prepare yourself for the launch
  3. Build your home-base with tools like quality blogs, video podcasts, web-pages and effective use of social media
  4. Expand your reach by utilizing the Internet and other accessible reach-out tools.
  5. Engage your tribe of people who know you and your brand

The author is a Christian who connects with a secular market, never mentions his beliefs, but reflects Christian values in his work. Have you read Platform or had good (or bad) experiences in making your book or message known? Please comment.


  1. Gary, I’m enjoying following your Blog as well since Life Impact is using coaching as our default in helping missionaries and pastors stay in their work. I’ve just read Michael Hyatt’s book on Platform and agree with you — very useful. I’ll use it as a guide in developing my blog for missionaries, mission committee personnel, and mission Pastors,


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