Newsletter #454 – Three Significant Questions

 When I was discussing some career directions with a friend he raised three questions that could be useful for all of us to consider, including the people we connect with, coach or counsel.

  1. Where is God working in me to at present? Rosemead professor Ward Davis had a pastoral mentor named Leo Lawson who said “At any given time, work on what God is working on in you.” With prayer, reflection and consultation from discerning friends we can get a clear awareness of where God is working to mold us. Learning from God in this process and cooperating with him can bring significant insights and potential growth.
  1. What makes me come alive?  The following quotation,  attributed to Howard Thurman, undoubtedly has stimulated a lot of useful reflection: Don’t ask yourself what the world needs [or what others expect of you]. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. With or without the parentheses that I added, these words can help us set directions for our lives. Once again this can be a challenging exercise where people who know you well can contribute their observations.
  1. What does not make me come alive?  These are events, circumstances or people who drain us of energy, squelch our enthusiasm, deflate hope, or undermine our sense of well-being.  Often these are joy-killers that can’t always be avoided although sometimes they  inadvertently make us into better people.

The answers to these questions can shape how we lead and where we go with our lives and our careers. Consider answering these questions on paper or in your computer. Then please leave a comment.


  1. Perhaps implicit in points #2 and #3 is the idea that God made us with varied gifts and interests (Ro 12; 1 Cor 12). When we embrace who we are we also embrace the plans God has for us.



  2. What catches my attention?
    Connecting with the Deaf, learning their language. Finding opportunities to meet with the Deaf, attend their conferences, etc.

    What defeats and discourages me the most?
    Being told that I must not work with the Deaf or contact them.

    My solution: Disobey my supervisors, and plan to resign as soon as possible, in order to do what I believe is the Lord’s plan for my life.


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