Newsletter #448 – Changes and Updates

This is an extra newsletter – slightly longer than usual – to let you know about some changes and updates that were put in place this morning. With the help of some highly competent and creative friends my website has been redesigned, another website has been developed, I’ve initiated a second blog, and we’ve found a way to let you know about some of my writing and activities that may be of interest. Please look at the list of changes below, explore a little if you wish, and let me know what you think. I’ve determined, non-scientifically, that the following should take about two minutes for you to read – less if you’re a fast reader or skimmer.

  • Let’s start with my current newsletter/blog. This has been going out almost every week since 2001. With God’s grace and guidance I plan to keep going, This will keep the same design and current format. The purpose remains unchanged: to give informative and useful updates about leadership, coaching, counseling and ministry. Basically this is an ongoing summary of what Gary is reading and learning. I’m glad more of you are taking the time to comment on what goes out every week. Thanks for your participation and input. If you subscribe to the newsletter (you are subscribed if this newsletter appeared in your mailbox) it will keep coming as long as I keep writing or until you unsubscribe. The address remains
  • The long-term Gary R. Collins website has been updated, redesigned, given a more contemporary look and made easier to navigate.  This happens about every two to three years – whenever it seems to need a makeover. This posts information about me in case anybody is curious. It is not about marketing or selling anything. The address is still
  • Then, starting today we also have launched a new blog and a second website
  • The new people-builder blog  Unlike the existing “newsletter” blog, this new one will be more informal, will vary in length and not always appear on the same day of the week. Like the current newsletter/blog, the new blog will not post trivia that wastes your time. (No posts about my lunch menu or personal daily frustrations). Instead I will try to post things that are interesting but also applicable to others and tied to people-building. It is here that I will share what I am thinking, sometimes comment about what I’m learning from my travels and public speaking, and let you know how I have been growing and leading. I am hoping you will check this out and get involved in responding on a consistent basis. Here’s the new address:
  • The new people builder website is the place to get information about my writing or recommended resources, sometimes see announcements about my speaking schedule, and be able to get  downloadable materials. If you want to get any of my books, inquire about my speaking availability or ask about personal coaching this is the place to go. This site has a different look from what I have had before. In addition to the low key marketing feel the new site reflects my interests in global and cultural diversity. Please have a look at
  • The new website will introduce NovoInk, a new publishing company that makes thousands of contemporary books available for download. The company, founded by one of my former students, also lets authors–you included if you wish–post their out-of-print or not-yet in print books in a format that can be downloaded by others. Ten of my prior books are now available from NovoInk. Please check this out at
  • Finally, a huge thank you to Alvin Cartuyvels, Jon Ebert, Devlin Donaldson, and Bryan Cole. Because of them all of this has happened.

If you can, please take the time to shoot me a comment about any of these changes.


  1. I’m excited about all your newest changes/additions. I first heard you speak more than 30 years ago…in Omaha, NE…about your book “People Helpers”. It was that day I got a vision (as a brand new Christian) to have a sort of “Barnabas Ministry” someday. And now…here I am…with my own ministry of encouragement as a Christian Life Coach. And I am loving it! Thank you for planting the seed.


    1. Wow! Thanks so much Pam. I get your messages but I don’t remember this story. When I get to the end of my life journey my legacy will not be my speeches or books. It ill be people who have been impacted and set into some new directions. It seems that our calling is to let God use us for his purposes. You are an example and I appreciate your message and affirmation.


      1. Maybe it will jog your memory that Chris McCluskey was my coach for almost three years. Yup! I love your writing, but I love your heart even more…and I love Chris’ heart. He was/is a very gifted coach. I’m currently in Gary Woods’PCCI Coaching Skills development class (mastering the ICF competencies). Loving it! He’s an excellent teacher!

        Your Blog posts and your Christian Coaching book are continuous sources of help and encouragement. Thank you for your ministry to all of us over the years.

  2. Dear Gary, thank you for always keeping us updated with the most current development in the field of helping people. Thank you for always thinking creatively as to how you can help more people more effectively. And, thank you for showing us how a Christian scholar is to be: selfless. May the good Lord bless you more abundantly Gary.

    Paul Gunadi


  3. Greetings from Korea. You amaze me to the end…..and I am very very thankful that God is keep watching over you-your health, your passion, your wisdom…and your family. Jennifer and I are fine and we are serving English Ministry at Manna Church (one of mega churches in Korea) and several international educational consultation works.
    Praying always.


  4. Thanks Gary for your stimulating newsletter – helpful and challenging. I’m curious about Novolink but the site doesn’t open. Maybe I’ve tried at a “wrong” time… Nevertheless, this is just to say thank you and for blessing us with your useful reflections. Ian


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